About France Accréditation



Targets  Hospitals and foreign doctors, foreign national accreditation


Target regions Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, South America, Far East


France is recognized abroad for its excellent health care system and the quality of its health facilities. Human care is an unavoidable aspect of quality of healthcare. With the deployment of patient rights, France has an undeniable expertise in this area.

The globalization’s development has led some foreign countries to look for recognition of their efforts to improve their healthcare supply  through what is internationally called “hospital accreditation.”

In France, the mission of hospital accreditation (called certification recently) is entrusted to the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS). French officials have always expressed interest in these projects with high added value for French medicine and cooperation.

Legitimately, some countries that historically were close with France, wish to be recognized by an international French accreditation. The French supply might be able to provide answers through the development of accreditation programs targeting particular health facilities or healthcare systems wishing to develop its own quality, safety and accreditation programme.

To meet the demands of these foreign healthcare players, in a very competitive international context, France Accreditation has an operational structure that provides an international supply built from the French standards designed by the French HAS.

Created in late 2010, France Accréditation has a status of non-profit body (an association law 1901). Its mission, to promote the French accreditation, to adapt the French standards with foreign health facilities, to manage French survey teams with the foreign hospitals, to coach and to supervise of hospitals towards the French accreditation.

Other actions

 –       Training Cycle with universities and prestigious French /European institutions around quality, safety and healthcare evaluation

–       Advice and hospital support to be accredited or foreign health care systems wishing to develop their own accreditation

–       Seminar organization and symposia around quality, safety and healthcare evaluation

–       Scientific articles that contribute to the development of quality, safety and healthcare evaluation

–       Participation in international conferences known in the area

–       Monitoring and updating standards and accreditation programs