to study the feasibility to create an  international operator for the French accreditation according to manuals, techniques, textbooks and its surveys of the Haute Autorité de Santé ( The procedures and outcomes of accreditation follow up the HAS approach but take into account the context, the local culture, the national regulation and the healthcare organization of each country.

About our team

  • Management : Karim Victor LAARIBI, President – Yves BARRAULT, General Secretary – Alain Michel CERETTI, Treasurer
  • Accreditation commission (scientific council) : Representative peers and whose skills in quality, safety, care and patient rights widely recognized
  1. Christian ANASTASY –  General Director  – Agence nationale d’appui à la performance – France
  2. Yann BUBIEN- General Director – CHU d’Angers – France
  3. Dr. Jean CARLET – Anesthesiologist, ex-Medical Director at the HAS,  Consultant WHO –  France
  4. Marie – Françoise DUMAY – Nursing Manager – Agence Régionale de Santé – Ile de France – France
  5. Anne LAURIN INIZAN – Healthcare quality expert and consultant  – France
  6. Prof. Ana Maria MALIK – Healthcare quality expert, FGV Sao Paolo – Brazil
  7. Monique MAZARD – Vice Director for patient flow, quality, risks and evaluation – CHU de Nice – France
  8. Dr. Jean – Paul ORTIZ – Healthcare quality expert – Polyclinique St Roch – France 
  9. Christian PAIRE – General Director – CHUM Montréal QC – Canada
  10. Jean Jacques ROMATET – General Director – CHU de Toulouse – France
  11. Prof. Guy VALLANCIEN, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris – Paris – France
  12. Pierre VILLENEUVE – Lawyer on medical ethics and patient rights – France  

*CHU # Academic Hospital Center

  • Surveyors – Experienced healthcare professionals – physicians, pharmacists, managers, nurses and other hospital executives – and the settlement into health facilities
  • Advisors – Experts of the Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations, Patient Safety and Patient rights.