The Accreditation is a process of external evaluationto healthcare facility, conducted by professional surveyors independent of the establishment as well as its institutional bodies. The Accreditation is an assessment of the overall functioning and the healthcare organization practices

The accreditation ensures the patient safety and healthcare quality and promotes a policy of continuous quality improvement within the healthcare organization.

In France, the healthcare facility accreditation is operated by the Haute Autorité de la Santé – HAS. It’s an independent administrative authority out of the government ‘supervision.

The French accreditation process has greatly improved. The first version of 1996 had been designed around the input (incomes) measures. The current version named V2010 measures the coherence between the performance improvements as the quality control on particular issues. So in 15 years, we are moving from input measures to output measures.

France is recognized worldwide for its healthcare service quality and its hospital expertise. Since 2002, with the law approval related to patient rights, France has shown that the human medical services is crucial aspect in healthcare quality.

For several years, the patient rights are introduced and implemented in the French accreditation standard manual.

France Accreditation is the French International Accreditation operator. It offers to public and private foreign establishments to benefit the French accreditation with same conditions as French hospitals.

The hospital candidate should meet the accreditation requirements expected in the HAS accreditation manual, and should comply with the French surveyors.

The hospital, involved in the French accreditation, doesn’t choose the easy process because the French accreditation doesn’t be reputed the easiest one. French Accreditation is a challenge and a merit. To attend it, the hospital management shall have shown the complete compromise absence against the requirements on quality and safety, which it claims to offer, including the famous “Required Priority Practices”.

The accreditation manual of the Haute Autorité de Santé was designed to focus the accreditation process on the key levers and trace elements in healthcare quality and patient safety. It relies on 13 “Required Priority Practices” around which France Accreditation emphasizes strengthened expectations. These “Required Priority Practices” are “not negotiable”. There is no compromise! For you and me, as a health professional, on these points, we refuse any compromise in case of our hospitalization as well as a hospitalization of dear relatives. These points include, the infection risk control, the pain management, the patient identification at all stages of its healthcare flow, the operating suite management, the surgical instrument sterilization, and the patient medication quality system. Regarding the patient record, we focus on the quality of its management and the conditions under which patients have access.

France accreditation is the way of healthcare quality and patient safety, first requirement for patients, but also the way of health democracy, which emphasizes the patient accountability. For the patient, France Accreditation is the guarantee of his inalienable rights expected into the policies and the procedures that the hospital agrees and accepts to follow and to control. These new rights include the pain management, the privacy protection, the medical record access, and the claims thanks to qualified medical mediator attendance into hospital. These new rights were often implicit and informal. With France Accreditation, they will be current, visible, and formal with patients and their families. However, these rights involve the acceptance of certain duties by the patient. Duties regarding his disease management, his treatment compliance, his relationship with healthcare teams. The French experience shows that such patients, accountable, better informed, better considered, less passive, might be treated better. They adhere more easily to the treatment constraints. Today, patients claim a certain level of patient education to become more involved in their own disease management. Welcome to France Accreditation

Yves Barrault